Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Post of the New Decade!

This is how Sienna feeds ducks

Happy "twenty-ten" everyone! How better off to start off the new year than in sunny SoCal (73 degrees) taking pictures. And of course Sienna gets to be first...but she's about to share the attention in a few months ;) I'll post more soon. Later today I'm going to take some doggie pics. Speaking of doggie pics, you guys ever watch Dog Whisperer? Cesar Millan is awesome.

My only new years photo resolution is to take a photo trip somewhere where I round up my picture-lovin friends and head to a scenic place. That's going to be a tough task though getting everyone together. I'll try to take more pictures and be more active posting pics too.

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Missy said...

Dear Johnny,

Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the World.

With much loving regards and best wishes for 2010,
Missy [AKA: Sienna's Mamaan Aziz]